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Setting Specifics


The game will feature the crew as good guys caught between pirates on the one hand, and corrupt organizations (e.g., mercantile guilds, or governments) on the other. Sailing the 7 Skies is always dangerous because of pirates, but taking the jobs that the mercantile guilds won’t (or undercutting those guilds) is also not for the faint of heart. The game will focus much on loyalty/honor, justice, and heroism. There will be a lot of action in this game (i.e., swashes will be buckled!), with a dash of adventure thrown in. We’ll also try to mirror Firefly as much as possible, you know, because fun!


We’ve decided that the game will feature a fairly epic story arc, but that certain game sessions and scenarios will focus squarely on the PCs and their issues. Thus, the game will try to switch between scopes to keep things fresh and interesting.


While a Skyship crew will travel around quite a bit, the main hub for the game will be the city of Agua Azul on Crail. It’s the largest city in the 7 Skies, and a major trade hub; just the type of place privateers can find work. In this particular game, Crail will be a fairly corrupt place, with many Falcons in the pocket of organized crime or criminal gangs. Judges can be bought, bribed, or controlled depending on their political ambitions. This will be an open secret in the city. The Ambassadors of other nations will also be constantly jockeying for political power within the city as well.

Other key locations in the game will largely flow from each PC’s country of origin.


There are two key issues in this game: one immediate and one far off.

The Aspects representing these issues are:

  1. Strings Attached: The Captain’s ship has been stolen, and so he has a loaner. This was provided by Alexi Kovolev, a wealthy Deraad who has vast shipping interests and is suspected to be a minor crime lord. However, this means the crew are in the the Deraad’s service, and must ocasionanally perform errands for him.
  1. The Destruction to Come: This is the Aspect that represents the main story arc. No information is provided, as the players will come to understand it as the story unfolds.

Campaign Info

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